Are Silver Cross Rings For Women Purely Decorative; Or Actually Symbolic?

6th May 2014

Apart from being useful when you punch somebody in the face; finger rings do not serve any practical purpose (in the sense that wearing gloves, for example, will keep your hands warm). However, nearly all of us posses and often wear, at least, one finger ring (and maybe some for our toes as well).

Why Do We Wear Rings?

Some reasons are historical; ever since the human race decided that certain metals held high value; there has been a tendency to hoard gold, silver; and even brass or bronze (in more modern times, metals like platinum have been added to the "desirable to own" list). Jewelry was considered a good way to keep your hoard and; should you wish to flaunt your wealth for whatever reason; you would wear your jewelry – especially at well attended auspicious functions.

The more important you were; the more you wanted to show others your station in life and rings began to be designed to imply a particular position in society – a bishop’s ring for example. This grew to cover rings that symbolised a variety of things; usually associated with your position in society or your affiliation to particular clubs, fraternities, etc.

It also became a common practice to possess a distinctive ring; where the design could be impressed into molten wax to show that a letter was unopened and came from you; rings for this identification purpose became known as signet rings. Then, of course, there was the thinking that rings also signified an emotional bonding; as in the giving of engagement rings and the later, exchange of wedding rings.

Behind All This Lies The Human Desire To Show Off With Decorative Attire

If you are going to wear rings, or any other jewelry; you want it to be distinctive, impressive and attractive in the eyes of all who behold it; some of the symbolic rings are still worn today; but, probably, the majority of rings are now worn purely for show. Good examples of decorative jewelry are the Silver Cross Rings For Women? which are gaining something of a trendy reputation. On the one hand, by wearing a representation of a crucifix on a finger; the woman could be demonstrating her Christian, religious piety; or, on the other hand; it might be that she simply likes the look of the cross design.