Are Silver Cubic Zirconia Rings An Investment; Or Purely Decorative?

6th May 2014

Cubic zirconia; is a common way of talking about a man made material with the chemical designation ZrO2 which is actually zirconium dioxide; synthetically formed to have a cubic crystalline structure. The result is usually a clear, flawless crystal that is very hard; properties associated with expensive, natural diamonds; cubic zirconia is regularly made for use by the jewelry trade as a lower cost alternative to diamonds.

Although known as far back as 1892 (and used in a number of industrial processes); jewelry grade cubic zirconia was not produced in commercial quantities until 1976; it is now, also being produced with a variety of different colors visible within the “stone”. However, Cubic Zirconia gemstones are never likely to approach the prices commanded by diamonds and are only likely to increase in value in general tune to cost of living indices. Diamonds, on the other hand, represent a dwindling, natural resource and, as such, can be subjected to big swings in their market value; to the extent that investors wishing to hedge against currency depreciation will put their money into diamonds; usually, uncut, raw stones, but also in particularly sought after rings and other diamond jewelry.

If Not For Investment; Why Buy Silver Cubic Zirconia Rings?

The simple answer is that, when worn, it might be easy to visibly differentiate the silver band from a gold one (unless it were white gold); but; to the average person, encountering anyone with Silver Cubic Zirconia Rings on their fingers; it would be difficult to decide for certain that the stone was not a diamond. Therefore, the wearer can be confident that the attractiveness of the ring has suitably impressed the company she is with. In her mind, she may even chuckle a little at the thought that others might think that the ring may have cost thousands; whereas, in reality it only cost considerably less than a hundred bucks (an affordable price for apiece of costume jewelry). For significant rings like engagement and wedding rings; the rarer more expensive bands and gem stones may be an ideal preference; but, not all prospective buyers have the sort of money, that precious stones and metals command. Therefore, Silver Cubic Zirconia Rings may become the rings of choice on the economic justification that they are better than no rings at all.