Choosing A Cross Ring

6th May 2014

Don’t get it wrong and think that you would get a cross ring to wear whenever you are angry and wish people to keep away from you; a cross ring owes its original design to the Christian religion; even if, today, it is more often worn purely as a piece of decorative jewelry. A piece of straight metal, crossing the ring band at right angles gives a very positive image of the cross on which Jesus was crucified; this being probably the most significant symbol for the Christians.

Why Do You Want To Wear A Cross Ring?

Most rings are worn as some sort of individual decoration which we use to make various statements about ourselves and our perceived status within the society that we live in. For example, any ring mounted with a huge precious stone is saying that you are from the wealthy section of the population. Rings that are more affordable and not an investment possibility will be making more of a fashion statement with which to impress others with your sense of good taste. Then, there are rings like engagement, wedding and eternity rings that are worn to indicate your station in life vis-à-vis commitment to another person. College, sports, fraternity rings and birthstones all influence a wearer’s choice of rings. But; why a cross ring?

Religious Implication

Logically, wearing the major Christian symbol on your finger should be a way of announcing your Christianity to others and proclaiming that you lead a virtuous Christian life. Many buyers of cross rings do have this in mind. If you intend to wear your ring every day; as a symbol; then one of the durable, non-tarnishing Sterling Silver Cross Rings might be your best choice.

Cross Rings In General

For ostentatious display; you might choose to have a platinum band, with a 24 karat cross and a large precious stone at the centre of the cross; but, what sort of message will that send to all who see you wearing it? Whether you are wearing the cross purely for decoration; or for real religious conviction; simplicity is probably a better message to send out. Silver is a good basic choice; but, remember that pure silver can tarnish and go black with wear. The alloys that make sterling silver should not tarnish as quickly; which, again, makes Sterling Silver Cross Rings a good choice.