From Here To Eternity; It's The Thought That Counts

6th May 2014

For many married couples; there could be a fear that their initial romance might fade over the years they spend together as a couple. Remembering the dates of special occasions from their past (not only their wedding day) and reminiscing about them together while doing something a bit beyond their normal daily routine is a good way to; not only keep the memories alive; but, also to boost their romantic feelings towards each other. Parties and special dinners are part of this memory exercise; but a special gift is also an important feature – usually (but not exclusively) from the husband to his wife; on significant wedding anniversaries, it has become a sort of tradition for the husband to give his wife an eternity ring

Explanation And Some History

A ring band that has small gemstones embedded all around its circumference was known as far back as the 18TH Century and was associated with being an anniversary gift from husband to wife. Such rings were usually in gold and the stones would be square in shape to fit and line up around the circumference of the gold band; often there would be a mix of stones; but white topaz and rhinestones were often favored over more expensive precious stones.

The use of real diamonds and the popularization of the name – "eternity ring" – came about in the 1960’s and was part of a publicity campaign by the giant De Beers diamond company. It is thought that they had negotiated a monopoly deal with Russia to buy all of Russia’s diamond output; but most of the Russian stones were small in size. Therefore they needed to be set in the style of the 18TH Century anniversary rings; and using the name – "eternity ring" – they became extremely popular; other ring makers also competed with the use of colored gemstones such as sapphire and ruby. Some recipients of eternity rings found stones around the whole circumference to be somewhat cumbersome; so the trade responded by introducing "half-eternity" rings; where the stones were restricted to the visible, front side of the ring band.


Eternity rings remain popular to this day; but gold or platinum bands set with diamonds or other precious gemstones have become expensive; if the ring is being purchased by a husband for a very special occasion; then, maybe, its price can be justified. However, many find the basic design features attractive and would wish to wear this type of ring as another piece of costume jewelry in their collection; without any strong symbolic connections. This has resulted in lower priced, eternity looking rings becoming available; such as Sterling Silver Eternity Bands, set with simulated stones.