Make Your Cross Ring Sparkle

5th May 2014

At the dawn of Christianity; the religion was somewhat similar to a secret society because its practitioners were subjected to much persecution for their faith. In view of this, they sought ways to identify each other. Including a Christian symbol on various personal items, such as rings, brooches or medallions was one way of achieving this. As the new religion became more accepted; the meaning of the symbolic jewelry was brought out into the open and could be worn visibly with pride to confirm one’s adherence to the new faith.

Serious Intent

There are still some symbols that have semi-secret meaning for sects and organizations within Christianity; but the main symbol centers around the crucifixion and, in particular, the cross on which Christ was crucified. A cross; with, or without, a representation of Christ affixed to it; is the most popular way for anyone to demonstrate their Christian faith. Usually, the cross would be hung on a chain; which the faithful would wear around their necks as a devout mark of their respect and devotion to their religion.

Today; Maybe It’s More Decoration Than Devotion?

At birth; or religious ceremonies; such as Christenings; first Holy Communion; or Confirmations; parents and relatives usually give gifts to the child involved. Invariably, many of these gifts will feature the cross symbol in some form or another. As the child grows up; they have to make their own decisions about whether or not to wear any of the jewelry items that they were given. Some may decide to keep to the religious intent behind the gift; while others may choose to wear the jewelry on a regular basis, simply because they find it attractive. Sometimes, schools, that ban pupils from wearing jewelry to classes; will allow a plain cross to be worn on a chain around the pupil’s neck. This raises the questions of how decorative can that cross be and why only as a pendant; why not a cross on a ring?

Crosses On Rings

Unless the ring is huge; depicting a cross on it can be difficult to achieve; however, at some time, a ring designer hit upon the idea of placing a piece of straight metal across the band at right angles to it; if the band portion that the straight piece passes over is slightly raised; a very visible cross effect is produced. This will be highlighted if the cross part is in a different color metal from the ring band. With Cross Diamond Rings; this visibility factor is dramatically increased by inlaying small, sparkling diamonds along the surface of the entire cross