What Do Engagement Wedding Ring Sets Signify?

5th May 2014

A man will give a woman an engagement ring to announce the start of the time period where they are intending (as opposed to merely thinking about) getting married and, once that time has passed, and they are participating in their wedding ceremony; the bride and groom will usually exchange rings to confirm their change of status. When rings are exchanged; a plain gold band is the usual ring of choice although individualization might include the engraving of names and dates on the inside of the ring.

Exchanging Rings Is Relatively New Here In The US

For a long time, only a bridal ring was given; this custom probably goes back to olden times (outside America) when the ring was not used as a symbol of everlasting love; but was directly linked to an exchange of money, land, animals or other things of value between two families – the groom’s and the bride’s. This was when few marriages were decided by the couple; their marriage having been negotiated between their parents and matters like dowry payments were involved.

It has been said, somewhat cynically, that the exchange of rings is a somewhat artificial custom invented through ring manufacturers’ publicity campaigns towards the end of the 19TH Century. No matter how the two ring ceremony started; it makes obvious sense for the couple to purchase both rings at the same time; giving them the opportunity to have matching design elements for the pair of rings (i.e. a wedding ring set).

How Can An Engagement Ring Be Part Of A Wedding Ring Set?

Maybe the wedding was so rushed that there was no time for giving an engagement ring to the bride before her wedding day? This sounds highly unusual if not totally unlikely.

Maybe the couple know that theirs will be a short engagement so they decide to invest in an engagement ring that will be a nice match for the subsequent wedding ring. In such cases, the couples will be looking for Engagement Wedding Ring Sets.

This second meaning is probably the most relevant. A wedding ring is supposed to be worn on the same finger as the engagement ring; so, it follows that there will be space considerations to consider; along with a wish to match the rings together.