What Is The Philippine Connection To Infinity Engagement Rings?

5th May 2014

If, for whatever reason, the man does not wish to give his girlfriend a traditional solitaire diamond ring to mark his desire for them to become engaged to be married; or, maybe he knows that she hates the look of a single big diamond on her finger; then he (or they) will be looking for some sort of alternate ring design. They could simply choose any ring that appeals to their eyes; or they could approach the purchase more seriously and seek out a ring design that has some significance to the pledge they are about to make to each other.


To those of Irish descent; the Claddagh ring design with its elements of keeping vows with loyalty and love could make an ideal alternative engagement ring. To others, the horizontal numerical 8 used as a symbol for infinity - 8 - is; not only, an attractive shape; but, also an important indicator of something being very long lasting (maybe not for all infinity, or the end of time; but, definitely for a lifetime). People thinking this way will appreciate the implication implied by Infinity Engagement Rings; that the love; that makes them propose and accept marriage; will endure their lifetimes. Since the symbol is formed by two, intertwined, loops is further evidence of two people coming together in a permanent commitment to each other.

So; Where’s The Philippine Connection?

The USA has strong ties to the Philippines and many people of Philippine origin now live in the USA and many Americans (especially those that have served in the military) have visited, or are familiar with, the Philippines. An element of current Philippine culture is a love of TV soap opera style programs; especially those with a “love” theme.

A soap put out by the GMA TV Network with a title that contained the word “infinity” was very popular and recorded copies were undoubtedly watched in the US. However the rival ABS-CBN company’s Walang Hanggan (Infinity/eternal) was perhaps seen by a larger worldwide audience; particularly on the Filipino Channel operating out of Redwood City in California which is aimed at Philippine expatriates in the USA and is part of ABS-CBN.

Taking advantage of the popularity of the series, ABS-CBN worked with a jewelry manufacturer to introduce a special ring with the 8 (infinity) shape at the front of the ring band. Hence, the Philippine connection with Infinity Engagement Rings