Would You Wear Sterling Silver Citrine Rings?

6th May 2014

If you like to wear rings; you probably would not want to wear several Sterling Silver Citrine Rings all at once; but, probably amongst the ladies, there are many who like the appearance of Sterling Silver Citrine Rings sufficiently well to own at least one. A lady’s citrine ring is likely to found amongst her collection of costume jewelry for it is not one of the highly sought after high value gems that fall into an investment category along with appearing attractive and impressive to others.

So, What Is Citrine?

Citrine is a specific type of quartz crystal with a color that can range from brown to a pale yellow and its name derives for the Latin word “citrina” – meaning yellow (a root it shares with the word “citrus”). Although quartz is the second most abundant mineral to be found in the ground; natural citrine is somewhat uncommon. Nevertheless; for jewelry; it is only classified as a semi-precious stone. In addition it is relatively easy to simulate citrine in artificial form; often from heat-treated amethysts or other quartz crystals of the smoky type.

All quartz crystals are basically silicon dioxide with colors influenced by how they were formed and the presence of other elements. Citrine can also be found in combination with amethyst; which is another type of crystalline quartz that is basically purple in color; this combination is known as ametrine.

Does Citrine Have Any Significance?

In ancient traditions; gem stones were often associated with a person’s birth month; however, much of the reasoning behind these traditions has been lost. However, modern society continues to acknowledge birthstones (although cynics might claim today’s listings to be mere marketing ploys from the jewelry trade). Many people like to acknowledge this significance; especially when choosing birthday presents for others. Since citrine is listed as the birthstone for people born in November, Sterling Silver Citrine Rings make convenient birthday presents for them and they, themselves, will probably be happy to wear these rings. However, a fashion conscious woman is still going to consider whether or not the ring’s brownish yellow color “goes” with the color theme of the clothing that she plans to wear; she is unlikely to first decide which ring color to put on and, then, select the colors for the rest of her wardrobe.